Amy Pollman

Artist and Educator

“The true purpose of arts education is… to create more complete human beings who are critical thinkers, who have curious minds, who can lead productive lives.” – Kelly Pollack


Amy Pollman is an internationally traveled Artist and Educator. Currently, she is working as an Instructor of Art at Peking University Experimental School in Jiaxing, China.

She received her Masters in Art Education from the University of Toledo with accreditation to teach K-12 in Art (2018), her MFA from Syracuse University in 2003, and her BFA from Columbus College of Art and Design in 1999.

As a passionate educator of the Arts, Ms. Pollman advocates for cross-curricular integration, global citizenry, and development of personal voice in the classroom. Her methodology can be defined as a collaboration between student and teaching artist.
In her art, Ms. Pollman most often uses found object/nontraditional materials to create collages, assemblages, and installations. Her work comments on postindustrial cultural landscapes via both satirical and rigorous meditational process.  Within the context of the paradoxical theory of organized chaos, she is most fascinated with concepts of abstract realities. Her work attempts to create an environment that invites further inspection into the articulate character of one’s present.


Curriculum Vitae



Master of Art Education, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH (2018)
Master of Fine Arts, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY (2003)
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Columbus College of Art and Design, Columbus, OH (1999)

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Teaching Philosophy


“It is today we form the world of the future.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

As an artist and educator, I have spent the last nineteen years teaching many students of all ages, ethnicities, talents, and challenges in locations which span the globe. In my experience, I have learned first-hand that art serves as the universal language in which we speak.

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Student Work



College Student Work :  See Images

High School Work :  See Images

Primary Student Work :  See Images



For my Master’s Thesis Art Education Project, I wrote and published a guide to teaching installation art complete with materials. It is now available for borrowing from the Toledo Museum of Art’s Teacher Collection. Contact me if you would like a copy!

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PROJECT: It’s A Small World Afterall


 This installation is a collaborative work of art made by the Advanced Portfolio Students of Bedford High School and Graduate Student and Artist Amy Pollman. This work is a part of her thesis project which will encapsulate an art kit titled SPECTRUM: An Art Installation Guide for Educators.

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PROJECT: Paper Cuts


This exhibition features the work of students from Bedford High School enrolled in the Three-Dimensional Art Class (grades 10-12). In this project, students were introduced to artists such as Peter Callesen, Li Hong Bo, Rogan Brown and Kara Walker.  The class then discussed the potentials of paper as a sculptural medium.

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Articles and Papers


Please click on the name of the article to link to a downloadable document. And Now I know That I Know Nothing : A short description and statement on my latest collaboration with Velasquez Reason, Democracy and Art in Culture, Pollman : A paper written about the history of Art, Democracy, and Capitalism.

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Gallery Teaching in China

Gallery as Art Educator


 Anomalology :  See Images

Twinkie Figure Series :  See Images

Paintings :  See Images

Pornstallation:  See Images

Drawings :  See Images

Trouble on Candy River :  See Images

Collage and Assemblage :  See Images

Blue an Installation :  See Images

Garage Sale Spectrum :  See Images

Mercy Merci 2014 :  See Image

The Dead Care Bears :  See Images

Dangerous Snowflakes :  See Images